Holy People,

By now we have read,reflected,spoke and pondered over
many old and new ideas on: how to celebrate Yom Kippur.
I just want to emphasize what seems to me again, to be the number one
consideration for this year:
Imagine all that you did or said last year which you consider today ‘bad’
or ‘sinful’ or negative or unfortunate,
is nothing but an internal reminder to connect to
the part that has been avoided for so long- your Higher Self.
Imagine all these past year’s incidents which happened seemingly ‘accidentally’ were there to mirror and
show what is missing and longing for you – the connection to that part which
knows the Truth and is your Real Guide.
As we enter a new year, a new contract with this Self is written- this is the Book of Life and you are the one to write your name there.

Your life today is the only book or movie important. It concerns itself with only one question: what is my concept / insight / vision waiting to be seen and manifest by me. By me because you are the only one who can do it.
All the rest, peace in the world,help to others, etc is not the point now.
This year is about going back to the beginning, the core, the DNA, the Letters, it’s about you and me and the new contract with ourselves.

We are going to forgive ourselves for not discovering our Higher Self until now.We are taking a new vow to stay tune to it always and in every place; when we lay down or stand up or walk on the way….

Easy fast,