New Light on the Hebrew Letters


— Reb Zalman Schachter-Shaloni, Founder of Jewish Renewal.

The Hebrew Letters are much more than an alphabet system for spelling words. Individually and collectively they have always
been a source of fascination and deep relevance to Kabbalists and many others throughout the ages. This timeless knowledge, known
to the High Priests in the Temple in Jerusalem, is now being revealed to us as new, practical wisdom for daily use with a sense of urgency.
They are called in Torah, “vehicles of wonders” and reveal through each of our own names, our role in creation.

  • New Light on the Hebrew Letters An introduction to the Kabbalistic system of The Hebrew Letters as portals to
    a uniquely rich, complex and expansive ancient view of life in the 21st Century. Have a “taste” of the many doors they open through
    meditation, shaping their images listening and uttering their unique sounds, sampling their combinations into words and more!
    No prior Hebrew language knowledge is required.
  • Initiations Into The 22 Hebrew Letters  Each Hebrew Letter is a cosmic force, a wonder, a sign and a symbol.
    Through meditation, guided imagery and exercises that reveal the power of speech and visual forms, participants will be introduced to the each Letters’ essential gifts
    and new role they can play in your life. Learn one or more letters per session. Minimum 10 sessions.
  • The Power of Names  Adam’s first task in creation was to name everything.
    Each of us has a unique name, a seal / goshpanka that we carry throughout the world of action (Asiyah).
    This advanced course will explore the empowerment of names / words and how, when we realign ourselves, we can reach for the highest potential.
    It is the realization of where we come from, and the purpose of our existence here on earth.