Poems in English

To Adaya


Came this Saturday

morning all at once  to tell

they are going away for the winter.

They asked where are you and I said

She is in the East. They said nothing

and disappeared.

I opened the window

to hear  your life.


Women who want to read Psalms in Hebrew

There is a new feeling of okness in the air

Steady, subtle Okness.

In the kitchen, I move

from one thing to another

I talk on the phone I brush my hair,

This is my skin, my eyes

are deep and accepting.

I teach the aleph and the beit

in the living room. Aleph stand for

The paradox between Man and God.

“Don’t say man” asks my new student Ann,

a professor of women studies kindly. “It’s disturbing”

she says.

The drapes are orange, the French doors behind.

My new student Ann wants to read


In Hebrew. We understand each other.

I understand women who wants

To read Psalms in Hebrew.

The day passes.

Not too fast

Not too slow. I know where I am.

It’s the beginning of fall.

The light is starting to change.

In me, it’s been, for some time now,

a new state of okness.