Kabbalat Shabbat and Holy-Day Circle

You are Invited to Join the Circle for the Celebrations
of Kabbalat-Shabbat and Holy-Day

Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man says that on Shabbat
and a Holy- Day, “More is available from Above.”
How do I experience it? How do I prepare to be receptive?
How do I carry it throughout the rest of the week?
Our circle explores this unique time.
The Beloved and His Bride in Lecha Dodi is
our central theme for Shabbat.
We all contribute to the Shabbat meal, set the celebration table, sing and meditate.

Our blessings and rituals are followed by dinner.
At dessert time we discuss a topic related to our experiences of the mysteries of Shabbat and the Holy-Day.
We hold an inner intention (kavanaha) in all our activities.
Joy is at the core of our Avoda (engaging in matters of Torah).

When people wish to read from the Torah and are inspired to drash (offer commentary), we also prepare a Metivta Shabbat morning service
and Bat / bar mitzvah celebrations.
Special observances (simchas), maybe honored in this way.

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