Dearest Seekers of Truth and Meaning:

I read Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh’s words about Rosh Hashanah and his comments about the last 2 parashot. (click on link below) What more can I say?

He is so inspiring, and it is a blessing to feel close to his wisdom and to his ta’anug / pleasure.

I want to remind myself that one of the ways to define spiritual life is the ability to experience pleasure;

to keep it in the body / mind / feeling. To live spiritual life is to develop the capacity to experience pleasure and to extend its presence in ourselves – you may call it being closer to God.

I would like to add two point to what Harav Ginsburgh says:

Alef (1)- about the Letter Gimel which is the change from the year 5572 to 5573 (ג)

Beit (2)- about waiting for The Messiah.

Alef – Every year a new light is coming to the world. The Letter Gimel is what is new for this coming year, since it will be the year 5573. (Letters in Hebrew are numbers.)

The Light of the Letter Gimel is what will be new this time

What is Gimel?

She is a cosmic force/energetic key that reinforces the ability to bring into this world of manifestation that which we wish for the most deep inside ourselves.

No matter how deeply it is covered by force

of negativity, fears, ignorance, stagnation and the usual.

May this light appear in this coming year!

And if this deep wish is the longing to bring the Messiah to this world,

it takes me to Bet, the second point:

Waiting for the Messiah, the one that will bring a change on a big scale. (Not necessarily The Teacher… but more The One who can manifest…).

Harav Ginsburgh mentions this person in the singular form, which it would be a one being, and I wonder …

if the time comes to think about it in the plural form, not as one person but as an increasing unity of the many that start to realize themselves, the meaning of their lives and of life on earth …

and, one by one, adding to the weight of this consciousness of awareness and realization, thus causing a change on a big scale.

I see that I write it in the present tense not the future.

Gimel is already in action…

Shanna Tovah / shinui tov / a good change.

Stay close to the Hebrew…


Chag Sameach – a joyful holy-day


A Message for the New Year 5773 from Harav Yitzhak Ginsburgh