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Gilla Nissan has made engaging presentations to a wide variety of groups, from university classes to congregations, retreat programs and conference workshops. Recent presentations have included Alef Kallah, Golden Bridge Yoga, Leo Baeck Temple and Metivta High HolyDays. Also, please see Gilla’s Resume.

Her programs are accessible to all seekers of truth without any prior knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish experience. Sessions can be tailored to accommodate different settings, from single or multi-day retreats, workshop series or seasonal programs. She can help create new, meaningful life cycle and holy day rituals, including bar / bat mitzvah and wedding celebrations, as well as to present D’var Torah during services. Her presentations are experiential and especially enjoyed by artists, writers and ritual leaders.


“The New Light on the Hebrew Letters”

“Introduction to Kabbalah and the Tree of Life”

“Tiferet: Beauty in the Realm of the Divine”

“Jewish View on Life After Death: The Testimony of Rabbi Shim’on Bar Yochai”

“Alef: The Paradox of the Relationship Between Man and God in the 21st Century”

“Jewish Meditation Practices”

“Ahavah: A Monotheistic Model of Love”

“Why God And His Name? A New Exploration of The Kaddish and Other Prayers”

“The Hebrew Letter: The Way of Return”

“Kabbalat Shabbat and Holy Days” – A renovating approach to Shabbat holidays and Jewish rituals


Individuals who wish to study privately (in person or online) with Gilla Nissan will find the experience to be full of opportunity for self-discovery and self-refinement. Opportunities include exploring the 22 Hebrew Letters, uncovering the depths of meanings of ancient Hebrew texts through Kabbalistic interpretation, Jewish meditation and much more. Please contact her for further information: