Lag B’ omer 5770

Sunday, May 2, 2010 / Iyar 18

Is especially auspicious for me, because of the

Publication of my article,

“A Password to The World That is Coming;

The Wedding Celebration of Rabbi Shim’on Bar Yochai”,

In Parabola, Volume 35 Number 2, Summer 2010.

“Rabbi Shim’on sits up on his bed, laughing, weeping, raising his hands,

Praying to The Holy One, May His Name Be Blessed,

And sharing the amazing moments of his exit from this world.

“His beloved students in this world were summoned to witness his departure.

They are placed according to their ability to face the Truth;

Some are around him, some outside the room and some sit quietly outside the house.

Special guests from the world to come are joining the congregation.”

(from the introduction)

Lag b’Omer is the yhartzeit of our beloved tzaddik and is a time of great celebration, prayer and study throughout the Jewish community.

I wish you all blessings of this great sage.

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