The 22 Hebrew Letters

In this work we come together to first allow silence to unite us and the ways of the Letters to guide us. Our time together include teaching, reflection and council. We engage in writing, storytelling, dream telling, deep listening, bearing witness, prayer, meditation, solitude, music, rituals, celebrations and divination. We honor the the intuitive mind, the sacred and the earth.

We come to see that the Story we have been given to live can be essential to our healing and spiritual paths. We come to see that this unique story is an essential part of our work together. Spirit speaks to us through these very stories with a directness and intelligence that far exceeds the greatest human abilities. It reveals to us experiences, mysterious circumstances, synchronicities and dreams.

Our heart together with the Beauty and Wisdom of our world, invite us to learn to read these signs, recognize where we are being called and to what. It guides us to understand and follow the profound and exact instructions we’ve been given.

The Letters become perfect and precise vehicles.

The conservative paths of the past for many of us are not sufficient, distorted or lifeless, but our own stories, questions and the circumstances of each day, are. The new engagement with the Letters is. Both may be the most profound and detailed instructions on how to live fuller and richer life with amazing alignment and powerful integrity.