My Dear Special Workers of Light,

I would like to invite each of you to an important event
in the life of my work with the Hebrew Letters. It’s important
because many people who came from traditional backgrounds see Kabbalah/spirituality or meditation as something foreign which disturbs the Judaism they know. As you know Kaballah and spirituality only deepens our search for Truth/God and help us bring our potentiality into fulfillment. Kabalists and sages say that by engaging in it , we bring Peace to the World!
How mysterious! and what a life changing journey!
Specially, as you know, The Hebrew Letters.
So by joining these free events, with anyone you think can benefit, you support this amazing movement of awakening and renewal in your families, communities and in the world.
Please join me at:
At Sinai Temple: (on Wishire Bl and Beverly Glenn)
next Thursday evening at 7:30 pm- to 9 pm
at Zigler Hall
and/or a morning session on Wednesday April 29: 9:30- 11 am
at Gold Hall.
(refreshments will be served).
At Leo Baeck Temple:
On Tuesday evening, April 28 : 7pm-8:30 pm at the Library
and/or a morning session on Friday, may 1 : 11 am – 12:30 pm

Please forward this call to participate in any way possible (newsletters, friends etc.) to any of my 4 presentations in these two different locations.
These 4 presentations are part of
“Jewish Wisdom & Wellness -A festival of Learning” (
which makes it possible. Great efforts of many people and students of the Letters are put into this blessed announcement. Join us.
Thank you.
gilla/ גילה