Dear Lovers of the Hebrew Letters!
Why you ‘always have felt attracted to the Hebrew Letters’? because they have a new message to convey to you and because you are ready to receive it. Receiving is not only the meaning of Kaballah but Accepting, I would say, is even more correct. Accepting Yourself ! קבלת עצמי Accepting myself – the Mysterious Self !!Heneni הנני is the state we are in; Ready (as Rabbi Guzick mentioned last morning) and Available! The time is right! and the message is Universal. Another face of the 70 faces of Torah is here.Last morning at Sinai Temple was magical and I am looking forward to present again this evening at 7:30 pm ( and we will meet at the Golden Hall (not Ziegler)). Yes, each work togetheris fresh so you are welcome to join again. And last presentation in this “Jewish Wisdom and Wellness Festival” is tomorrow, Friday at Leo Baeck Temple at 11:00 am – 12:30 pm at their lovely library. It was a pleasure to work and present these new insights on the Hebrew Letters to new comers. The sincerity and good questions were a sign of readiness. I was honored to be there.