There is much talk about the naming of the newest royal Prince of Cambridge, third in line to the throne of the British monarchy. It is a wonderful occasion to share one of the most important aspects of the Hebrew Letters: the building blocks of our names.

“I know you by your name,” God says to Moses. The Divine recognizes his creatures and ascribes the missions of their souls by the vibrations of the Letters of their names.

My name is the mission of my soul on earth.

Receiving a name is the Divine stamp of my presence in the world of action.  It includes both my present status and my future potential. We are here by the power of our name. We actually exist because we carry a name.

According to ancient wisdom, uttering names, and speech in general, is an act of connecting to the source, connecting worlds, thus attracting higher influences down to our world.

To erase someone’s name cancels the ability of that person to influence the world.

The Hebrew Letters fascinated the Kabbalists for generations. Letters have surfaced again today as energetic keys with miraculous missions: to develop and refine us, to help us redeem the false stories of our life by repairing and blessing them.

Now is the time to be initiated into the Hebrew Letters and know them by their names.