Dear Children of Abraham,

We need to transit from Purim to Passover !
What a difference…in Ester scroll, the last book canonized
into the Bible, solutions to the problems come from the people,
the name of God is not being mentioned, not even one time!
The Divine is hidden.
In Passover God is playing solo. The Divine is in the middle of this
psycho drama motivating it all, why? the answer is straight in the text:
so that the whole world will know that ‘Anochi Adonai….’
It is called, Mizraim; those who think, like Pharaoh, that they are god
and the herd that accept and worshiping them.
The Exodus from the house of bondage into Freedom is at the
core of all Jewish traditions! It has a universal message-
a promises imbeded in our DNA, that each and every human being
will eventually move into Freedom.
It’s about speaking, uttering your words about your journey out of slavery so that you can hear yourself, others around can affirm and the univers can witness. Therefore the name HAGADA. Remember that our mission as a collective is to witness the Divine on earth by the power of speech!!
And then we have the 15 well known Steps of Elevation of the Soul which we call Seder/Order.